The days have passed of safely leaving your door unlocked.

This is true even in the remotest parts throughout the country, including Northern Maine. Virtual Managed Solutions recognized this fact and decided to help our friends and neighbors adapt to this changing world by launching a UL Certified Security Monitoring Business known as Virtual Managed Solutions Central Station or VMSCS.

“We all would stop.”

This is the point behind a story CEO CB Smith frequently tells when asked why he launched the new venture. On a business trip somewhere between Arizona and California, Smith was a passenger of a car that witnessed an accident. When the cars around them kept driving, and the client, he was riding with, did as well, he asked why. Smith was told that it wasn’t safe to stop. His reply was, “Where we are from, everyone would stop.” That is the mentality VMSCS brings to the monitoring game and what is expected from its employees.

VMSCS launched with the focus on acting as a wholesale supplier of Security Monitoring Services for installers. Competition in the security monitoring field is intense; however, VMS is using proven state-of-the-art technologies in the Central Station and has passed the rigorous UL Certification process. VMSCS sets themselves apart by using the “we would all stop” mentality and by providing cost savings for installers.

Built on experience you can trust.

Our staff contains experts who have been involved in the planning, installing and servicing security, life safety, and communications systems for more than 30 years. Our sales team  brings decades of experience working within the security systems industry. Our monitoring clients include major healthcare facilities, school districts, office complexes, prisons and jails, and large industrial sites.

VMSCS is locally owned and managed in Maine, but we provide quick, expert service throughout the United States and Canada.

We are your first line of response.

VMSCS works with residential clients, small businesses, and major enterprises to provide the support they need. If it has a signal, we can monitor it. If we aren’t set up for a signal that needs monitoring, we have the ability to scale out our services. This provides a clear upgrade path so your system can grow and change along with your company, agency or home needs.

Parent company VMSUS was founded in July 2007 in Caribou, Maine as a Contact Center operating in the Hospitality Industry and Direct Response Marketing. It currently employs 30 people, many of whom have been there since the first year.

VMSCS can be reached at 207-498-4498 or by email at

VMSCS monitors all types of signals, including:

  • Fire
  • Business and Residential intrusion
  • Video Security Monitoring
  • Environmental
  • PERS – Personal Emergency Response Systems

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UL Certified Central Station

VMSCS is a UL certified central station for Signal, Fire Alarm Equipment, and Service View here. 

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